Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard

If your home is experiencing frequent power tripping or fire hazards, you may want to consider a switchboard upgrade. It’s worth the expense to have your switchboard replaced with a new one. A new switchboard will improve the functionality of your electrical system; it will also protect you from future risks. The following are three reasons to upgrade your switchboard. Here are the pros and cons of each. Read on to learn more about these upgrades. For more information, visit

switchboard upgradeModern switchboards have multiple fault detection and protection devices.

Various protection and fault detection devices are built into modern switchboards. These devices can isolate the faulty section, preventing fire and equipment damage. The isolation of the faulty section should be easy and fast, with no electric shock risks to personnel. In addition, because many people work on switchboard components while living, the switchboards should be appropriately protected against fire and explosion. In addition to multiple fault detection and protection devices, modern switchboards also feature high-voltage surge protection.

They are more reliable.

Older switchboards are often made with ceramic fuses and don’t use modern circuit breakers. When adding electrical devices to an old circuit, replacing the fuses is necessary. Thankfully, many newer switchboards are safe and reliable, preventing the need for constant repairs. If you want to be worry-free about the safety of your electrical system, switchboard upgrade today. Here are some benefits of upgrading your switchboard. For more information, visit

Upgrading your home’s electrical switchboard is an affordable and safe investment. Upgraded switchboards have safety features to prevent electrocution and fire. Because newer switchboards are built to handle the increasing power demands of modern appliances, they are more reliable than their older counterparts. You can also count on an electrician in Campbelltown to ensure your house is ready for safe energy use. Finally, a new switchboard will help you enjoy more peace of mind as you use it every day.

They are more powerful.

Today’s switchboards are much more advanced than they were in the past. Instead of the traditional fuse box, a switchboard is the main control panel for electricity distribution. It directs supply safely and without disruption. Ten years ago, switchboards were designed to support only a few electrical appliances and a small amount of internet use. Today, a typical household is equipped with more than 15 internet devices at a time, multiple electrical appliances, and features such as home security and intercoms.

They reduce the chance of circuit breakers tripping.

A malfunctioning switchboard can cause a circuit to trip. It can result in a costly emergency electrician visit. On the other hand, a properly functioning switchboard will trip out when something in the current is off. Fortunately, an upgraded switchboard will not cause a circuit to trip in the middle of a movie night. But why is this so important? How can you reduce the chances of a circuit breaker tripping?

Most circuit breakers are designed to stop the electricity flow when they detect an overload. For example, a dishwasher and tumble dryer are connected to the same circuit, drawing 20 amps. Hence, the circuit breaker trips when this happens. As a result, the circuit breaker tripped due to the overload, preventing the appliance from roasting, and the wires from overheating. If the breaker is tripping too frequently, redistributing your lighting can help reduce the risk of a circuit breaker trip.

They are easier to upgrade

There are many reasons to upgrade your home’s switchboard, from safety to financial gain. However, the older your switchboard is, the higher the electrical load it will have to handle. Today, most homes have hundreds of electrical appliances, and your old switchboard was not built for this added load. Not only does an outdated switchboard lead to dangerous situations, but it can also cause fires and flickering lights. Upgrading your switchboard will also lower your monthly maintenance costs.

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