Professional Floor Sanding Adelaide and Floor Polishing Services

Once you have completed the floor sanding process, it is essential to care for the finished product properly. As with any woodworking project, the first step in the process, after the initial sanding, is to sand the floor to remove all the loose dust, dirt and debris that may have been attached to the wood during the building process. Floor sanding Adelaide can be performed by hand or by a power sander. The first step in the care and maintenance of your newly sanded floor is to apply an anti-static agent when you have finished sanding the floor so that you avoid electrocuting yourself.


Once you have finished floor sanding Adelaide, you should remove all furniture and install temporary floor protection, such as felt pads. This protects the floor from damage caused by liquids such as oil, turpentine, paint thinners and other chemicals. Floor sanding Adelaide provides a range of alternative coatings, including water-based acrylic coatings and solvent and oil-based polyurethane coatings. These coatings are also available in many other finishes, such as flat sand and bumpers. Depending on the finish you choose, your new floor will require minimal maintenance over the life of your floor sanding Adelaide.


Polishing is another part of floor sanding Adelaide maintenance. There are many different polishing methods available, but in our opinion, the most effective way is to use a light polishing paste wax. A quality paste wax should have excellent lightning properties, along with excellent chemical and physical properties. Be careful not to confuse a paste wax with an abrasive cleaner! When using abrasive cleaners, always follow the manufacturer’s directions.


Another important aspect of floor sanding Adelaide involves the use of a power surface grinder. Power surfaces are diamond blades that grind on a smooth marble pad using very little effort from you. They are ideal for the home DIY area due to their low-melt quality. You can purchase professional power surfaces from many main floors sanding Adelaide retailers, often with free shipping and handling. The benefit of purchasing from a reputable retailer, in our opinion, is that you are guaranteed to be buying top-quality equipment.


Some people like to use their power powered grinder, but we do not recommend it! Professional floor sanding and polishing Adelaide retailers fully understand the limitations of their equipment, and they use it in accordance with recommended usage. Using your power machinery for polishing timber floor sanding Adelaide ensures that you don’t waste your time or money on a product that will not provide you with the results you require.


Polishing timber floors are an integral part of maintaining and enhancing your home. It removes years of dirt and grime from your floors and also creates a gorgeous sheen. If you have had your floors professionally sanded and polished, then you know how much of a difference it makes in the appearance and overall appeal of your home. If you are considering purchasing new floors, you may be thinking of redoing your old ones. However, polishing your existing wood floors is also a cost-effective way to achieve a similar result without buying completely new flooring.