The Dangers of Driving with a Busted Headlight

Driving at night is already dangerous, but driving with a busted headlight can do more harm than just the inconvenience of being pulled over. Headlights assist drivers both day and night, allowing them to see further down the road and identify hazards quicker. If a driver’s headlight has gone out, they put themselves at risk for an accident and other motorists on the road.

driving lessons SydneyIf only all drivers went through driving lessons Sydney before getting their license, they’d acknowledge the value of keeping the headlights of their vehicles in tiptop condition. Headlight upkeep is so important to the safety of all motorists.

A busted headlight can diminish visibility and increase your chance of having an accident—especially when driving at night. When driving in rain, fog or snow, it’s especially important to have the proper amount of light so that drivers can see clearly what lies ahead. Also, if you are involved in an accident, and your headlights are not working, the other person’s insurance company will use this against you to pay less than required.

In some states, it’s a punishable offence if your lights aren’t working, and this includes parking/headlights as well as brake lights. If you have been pulled over for a busted headlight or another malfunctioning light on your vehicle, the first step is to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you can avoid getting ticketed.

According to studies, driving with a busted headlight in the rain has increased the possibility of having an accident by three times compared to driving in clear conditions. It is not just another motorist that you put at risk, but also yourself and your passengers.

For example, let’s say there’s another car in front of you at a stoplight. If your headlight is out, the driver in front of you might not see your vehicle and could get rear-ended, which may cause him to get into an accident with another motorist. This incident would be fatal during bad weather conditions because the drivers will likely have less control over their vehicles, increasing the risk of injury or death.

Driving with a busted headlight in poor weather conditions is dangerous for yourself and other motorists on the road. Keep these tips in mind when using your headlights to avoid causing an accident while driving at night:

You must turn on your low beams at night while driving within city limits. If you are travelling outside of the city or in foggy conditions, it’s recommended that drivers turn their lights on to the dimmest setting to see properly.

While driving at night, be sure all your windows are completely rolled up so no additional light is let inside the vehicle—light from your car can give the impression that other motorists have their headlights turned on, which may cause an accident.

It is not necessary to turn on your low beams during clear and sunny conditions unless another vehicle approaches you from behind with its high beams on. Even during such bad weather conditions, you should only use your headlight as a secondary aid.